A Day in The Life of Yon: A Software Senior Consultant

Because of the global pandemic, Yon accidentally stumbled into the world of software. He is currently a Senior Consultant at M800 Limited and having only been at the company for a little more than a year, he was already handed a promotion. We covered his journey here.

In this feature, Yon breaks down his responsibilities in Business Development & Account Management and shares the workflow that helps him close deals.


OpenDoors: What does a Senior Consultant do and could you break down your roles for us?

Yon: Different companies name their positions differently. I am essentially responsible for the business development and account management for my company’s flagship product. Initially, my role was 100% cold-calling customers but the duties grew eventually. I now spend half of my time handling new business deals, 20% on dealing with existing customers, and the remaining on marketing.

OpenDoors: Could you share more about what you do on account management and marketing?

Yon: For account management, I focus on maintaining a relationship with our existing customers. That involves checking in with them from time to time and helping them with the product if needed. Hopefully, they like our services and are willing to stay with us. I sometimes get involved with contract negotiations and I also try to upsell them.

For marketing, I share feedback on the product and I help the marketing team come up with promotional materials to spread the word.


OpenDoors: People often find cold outreach ineffective, how does your workflow look like?

Yon: I start by finding the right person to speak to. Typically, I would aim straight at the most senior person at a company. My thinking is that if I will be spending 30 minutes to sell the product, I might as well get straight to the decision-maker.

I then send out a cold email to book 30-minute face-to-face time with them. You have to bear in mind that people don’t usually respond after the first cold email and most people would give up after that. The key is to persistently follow up and make your intentions very clear and persuasive.

In the first meeting, I rarely try to sell them anything. My focus is usually on listening to the customer, understanding their problems, and think about how our products could help them. My goal is to build rapport with them and schedule a second call to show them what we have to offer.


OpenDoors: What are the traits that every sales or account management person should have?

Yon: To be a good sales or account management person, you have to have four things. You must genuinely enjoy meeting new people. You could be shy or introverted but you should be curious about other people’s background and enjoy listening to their stories.

You can’t be scared of rejection. I learnt not to take any rejections personally, if a deal doesn’t close, it just means that the timing or the person wasn’t right. I’m not looking for instant gratification and the sales process is an iterative one that requires persistency.

Then you should learn to read people. Being able to pick up cues on whether a customer is interested, whether they are feeling comfortable makes all the difference in a meeting. Finally, stay calm. When you are closing a deal, you can’t appear too nervous otherwise your customer will quickly feel something is wrong with the deal.

These traits or skills are not something that people are born with, but instead, they take practice over time.


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