A Day In The Life of Karanveer: A Solutions Developer

On OpenDoors this week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Karanveer. Karanveer works as a Solutions Developer, and his background and career story are nothing short of interesting, you can read about it here.

“What does a Solutions Developer do?” You may ask.

We are happy to introduce OpenDoors’ new initiative — “A Day In The Life” as part of The Entrance Series to take you through the ins & outs of the different professions around the world.


OpenDoors: What is a Solutions Developer?

Karanveer: Solutions Developers are similar to consultants — They speak with internal clients to understand their needs and are responsible for translating those client requirements into technical tasks for their in-house tech team. Most of the time, they are also hands-on with the actual development themselves.


OpenDoors: What are some of the tasks involved?

Karanveer: The role is a combination of Business Analyst, Programmer, and Product Manager. I typically spend 40% of my time speaking with colleagues to ensure internal client expectations are aligned, then 30% on working with my fellow programmers to decide on how to deliver the product, and the remaining time would involve the actual coding.

OpenDoors: There are ad hoc tasks in every job, what are they for a Solutions Developer?

Karanveer: New projects could pop out of nowhere! Some projects could involve skills that are new to me and I would have to spend time to quickly learn a new programming language for example.


OpenDoors: What is the most exciting part of being a Solutions Developer?

Karanveer: The tech world is fast-changing and that means I have to constantly keep myself up to date with the latest tech developments. It forces me to learn new skills. It is perfect for someone with an adventurous personality!

OpenDoors: What is the most challenging part of being a Solutions Developer?

Karanveer: The most challenging part is the change between learning and mastering mode! I could be in a rhythm of learning many new things at the same time then suddenly have to switch gears and practice those skills, which is way more repetitive.


Interested in being a Solutions Developer? Here is a typical day and don’t forget to reach out to Karanveer!

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