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What Is OpenDoors?

OpenDoors is a network building engine that connects you with like-minded professionals within your industry/ profession. It is the easiest and most effective way to start building your network as a professional in Hong Kong.

Why Grow Your Network?

"It's who you know, not what you know", you've probably heard this one before.


Whether you are climbing up the corporate ladder or hustling on your business ideas, a strong network is the rocket fuel that launches your career to the next level.

Exchange Resources & Insights

It can be difficult to figure everything out by yourself. Connecting with peers makes it easier to put all the pieces together.

Access New Opportunities

Discover and unlock new opportunities through your professional network, whether it be on a company or individual level.

Discuss Career Opportunities & Challenges

An open discussion with someone relevant can help navigate the not-so-obvious.


Who's using OpenDoors 


Media & Entertainment

Angie is the co-founder of a social media outlet, connecting over 200,000 subscribers in APAC with the latest news in lifestyle and entertainment. 


She joined OpenDoors to meet fellow founders, learn about their entrepreneurial journey, and bounce ideas off each other. As a bonus, she was also connected to several retail brands for marketing collaborations.



Nathaniel is an Associate at a venture capital firm, which invests in Asia-focused startups. He has been working for 2 years and uses OpenDoors to build connections with peers working in Finance. 


He has formed a small group of like-minded individuals working in investment banks & private equity firms.  They get together regularly to discuss industry trends, insights, and career progression over a few drinks.


Fintech & E-Commerce

Marcus is a Business Development Manager at a fast-growing Singapore Fintech company and he is currently focused on helping the company expand to Hong Kong. 


He enjoys going to networking events to meet potential customers but Covid-19 has made this very difficult. Through OpenDoors, he met up with a few E-commerce companies to discuss partnership opportunities.



Vanisha is an aspiring lawyer in Hong Kong and has started her career as a paralegal at a well-known law firm.

She is keen on developing a professional network with lawyers to understand what it takes to excel in her upcoming role. She is using OpenDoors to meet with legal professionals and has received many valuable tips so far.


Information Technology

Karanveer is a solutions developer at a global retail group. He is passionate about coding but he is looking to transition into a more business-related role.  


His friends are all from the technology industry and he is using OpenDoors to expand his circle. He is meeting with people to explore different industries, especially finance and consulting.

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